CB radios are synonymous big rig trucking. Since they are on the road for a living, it only makes sense that they have the opportunity to speak with other truckers, find out about impending traffic or weather conditions and get a head’s up if there are any accidents that might impede their progress in moving forward.

Truckers have their own kind of language that is commonplace for truckers, yet it can be very confusing for anyone not familiar with those types of linguistics.

However, a good CB radio is not just for truckers. Many different people, including those who choose to live and travel in RV’s, now commonly use them. Handheld CB radios are often seen in the possession of campers, hikers, cyclists and in bug out bags as a part of their necessary gear. One thing is for sure: they have a wide usefulness that can put them just about anywhere in society these days without being the least bit out of place.

What is the Best CB Radio?

If you have recently considered purchasing your own CB radio or handheld CB radio, but still have questions or doubts about what they can do or how easy they might be to operate, then you are reading the right article.

We have put together this list of the best CB radios so that you can comparatively view a handful of information about each.

Cobra 29LX 40 Channel CB Radio Review

best two way radioFirst up is the Cobra 29LX 40 Channel CB Radio. This is a great cb that also has instant access to 10 NOAA weather stations for updates on weather conditions and other emergency alerts. The multi-color display is extra large and offers information on all radio functions. It can be set to a specific color, of which you have four to choose from, and you can even dim the lighting for extended night driving, when a brighter display might be bothersome.

You can easily automatically scan all 40 channels, stopping when you find activity you would like to listen to and the radio check diagnostic feature gives you information on critical aspects pertaining to your cb, such as battery voltage, antenna condition and RF power. Not only do you have the public address option on this radio, you also have the option to monitor incoming signals by routing them through the PA.

Some of the many other features include an antenna warning indicator, delta tune, RF gain, talk back, channel memory, dynamite and more. Packed with features, this Cobra gives you an impressive, discreet design with all the power you might need. For truckers, there is even an impressive clock and timer setting that will allow you to track your on time driving hours as well as functioning as an alarm clock.

Uniden Bearcat CB Radio with Sideband and Weather Band Review

the best cb radioOur next item is the Uniden Bearcat CB Radio with Sideband and Weather Band. This radio has a built in signal and SWR meter, so it should be easy to gauge the strength of your signal as well as whether or not you might need to tune your antenna. You also have a beautiful full frequency display as well as a PA function for your convenience.

A mic with noise blanker and RF gain controls will give you the ability to tune your signal for precision and clarity with very little noise interference. The display offers seven different color selections and the backlighting is adjustable to whatever brightness you prefer.

The radio comes with a handy mounting bracket and power cord as well. In addition to all the features a good cb radio should have, you also have a weather band with alert and AM/SSB sideband capabilities. Some other features you will find handy are the memory scan, clarifier, volume and squelch control, instant channels 9 and 19 and an extra long mic cord for easy reach.

Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio Review

what are the best cb radiosNext, we have the Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio. This handy little unit will fit just about anywhere in your vehicle. Featuring the regular 40 channels of any regular cb, this radio also has a public address function that also gives you the option of connecting it to an external PA speaker for amplification when you have those important announcements.

Instant channel 9 means you have instant one button access to one of the main weather and emergency channel out there. The signal and RF power indication allows you to check the relative strength of incoming transmissions, which can usually tell you how far away from that person you are, depending a bit on the equipment and antenna they are using.

You get squelch and volume control in this radio that allows you to tune in exactly what you want to hear with little noise interference and a channel display that you can easily see, as it is both large and easy to read. Mounting hardware comes with your purchase, for ease of installing. This radio offers great sound as well as great performance in a sleek, Euro-style look that is sure to compliment any vehicles interior.

Galaxy DX-959 40-Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio Review

best cobra cb radioThe Galaxy DX-959 40-Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio has a large meter that is super easy to read and has scales that measure the power output, modulation, SWR and incoming signal.

A five digit frequency counter has large digits, a two-digit channel display, both with large yellow digits, a variable power output control and a variable talkback circuit that comes with an on and off switch. With automatic SWR circuit and SWR alert lights, it will be easy to tune in an antenna for perfect matching. A roger beep alerts the listener to when a transmission is over, so that it will be less likely to step on one another. The meter lamp has a variable dimmer, which will come in handy for night driving, or it can be turned off all together.

The Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) circuit reduced noise interference which will make it easier to recover a weak SSB signal.

Cobra 29 LTD CHR 40-Channel CB Radio Review

cb radios for saleThe next item is the Cobra 29 LTD CHR 40-Channel CB Radio. This handsome little unit offer the comparable 4 watts of output power for extended range communications.

It comes in a chrome cabinet with a chrome microphone for a very unique look that can double as a conversation starter for your passengers. Built-in SWR allows for calibration of any antenna system, giving you the most performance possible. The blue channel indicator for the channels display offers a cool blue illumination that goes very well with the overall chrome look.

The public address system means that you can use the radio as a PA system, with an attached external speaker, and any signal that you receive may be routed through it as well. The microphone cord is a handy nine feet in length so that it is within easy reach from anywhere in your vehicle and the front microphone connector lets you install it with each in or under your dash.

My Vote for the Best CB Radio to Buy

Of these five cb radios for sale, we have reviewed for you here, my top pick for personal favorite is the Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB radio. This Cobra is not only packed with some great features, including an extra large display window with multi-color options, channel scanning and a public address system, it also has a total of ten NOAA weather channels so that you are sure to stay up to date with the changing weather conditions, no matter where you happen to be.

The radio check diagnostic feature is a real game changer, since it is not offered on many competitor radios. Being able to diagnose possible trouble with the battery voltage, RF power or the antenna condition is one feature that can really give you good peace of mind.